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lighting tips for children’s bedrooms

From the bright ceiling lamp to the subdued night lamp and projecting twinkling stars on the ceiling in the dark, lighting for nurseries and children’s bedrooms is now diverse and imaginative. Since your little ones use their room for many different activities, lighting must be designed flexibly. With a clever LED lighting plan, your children’s eyes will light up – and yours too. Because with efficient bulbs, you save energy in the long run and can make the household budget go further.

Important elements

for the children’s bedroom lighting

You should definitely include these elements in your lighting plan:

  • Basic lighting with ceiling and wall lamps gives enough light to illuminate a nursery when it’s dark or overcast outside. This way your child wakes up with enough light to play and explore during the day and into the evening.
  • For painting or for focused work at a desk as they grow up, an additional light source is required.
  • On a bedside table, a child's lamp can provide light for reading before bedtime.
  • Child-friendly night lights remove the fear of the dark, especially for very young children.

Go on a brightly lit adventure

lamps for kids’ rooms at a glance

The ceiling lamp in a child’s room can be quite colourful and imaginatively designed. Then add several spotlights, which you should align with the most important points in the room – for example, the desk, the painting easel or the play area with a tent or a doll’s house. Alternatively, use a colourful hanging lamp in the nursery: toddlers particularly like playful designs such as animals, stars or dots on the lampshade. As far as possible, the ceiling lamp should illuminate the whole room evenly and glare-free.

In a child’s bedroom, you can use a wall lamp to light a specific area. Again, let your – or your kid’s – imagination run wild. For example, cloud-shaped wall lights with tiny LED lights are available that imitate a starry sky. Or butterflies whose wings light up thanks to hidden individual LED lights. Wall lights are ideal for the play area or, for older children, a lounging area where they can hang out with friends.

Another important element of lighting a child’s room is the desk lamp, which targets light in the work area. If the desk is part of a shelf wall, or integrated into a bunk or raised bed, you can use a space-saving clamp lamp.

Clear and concise

your questions answered

1. What is a healthy colour temperature for a child’s bedroom?

Warm white light between 2,700 and 3,300 Kelvin is completely adequate for a kid’s room.

2. Which type of lamps are good for children’s rooms?

LED is highly recommended for lighting children’s bedrooms, as modern LED bulbs do not get as hot as older bulbs and other luminaires. If a child accidentally (or on purpose) touches the bulbs themselves, they do not get burnt. Furthermore, LED is more environmentally friendly and more efficient than other light sources.

3. What else do I have to take into account for nursery lighting?

Safety is paramount in the nursery. If you use hanging lamps in the nursery, cords must be checked regularly. As halogen is very bright and dazzles easily, these lamps are not recommended for nursery lighting. Due to the high level of heat they produce, halogen lamps should generally be kept the recommended distance away from combustible materials. Last but not least, remember to child-proof all wall sockets.

Exciting days, relaxing nights:

LED night lights to fall asleep to

Is your child afraid of the monster under their bed or does not like being alone in the dark? With these tips you can make sure they feel safe and secure in bed:

  • A bedside lamp with child-friendly designs encourages your child to read in the evenings until their eyes close.
  • A LED table lamp with a star effect spreads warm light in the dark and, thanks to LEDs, projects twinkling stars on the wall or ceiling. If the lamp has a timer, it shuts itself off after a while.
  • If you want to keep a light on all night long, a socket lamp that illuminates the floor area is ideal. This way, your child will see that no monsters are hiding there.

Important: a night light should not stop your little ones from falling asleep, so choose dark colours like warm red or harmonious green. Also, ensure sockets near the bedside table are child-proof.

With a child-friendly LED lighting plan, you can be certain your child feels safe and secure at all times. See children's eyes sparkle brighter than the LEDs!

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